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Behavioural Capacity Versus Behavioural Desires

By Gary Ezzo. Most parental instruction for children prior to age two comes in the form of training. That is because children at these ages are not cognitively ready to be educated in specific cause and effect relationships. During the early toddler years they are only leaning how to act appropriately and not why it is so.

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How to Raise a Responsible Child - A4 Poster

This full colour borderless poster for the HRRC program has a section to add your class details and contact person.

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Volume 4 - Patience

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Why Start a Parenting Ministry in Your Church

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Holiness and the Christian Family

By Gary Ezzo. When the Christian family is no longer what it ought to be, everything else that the church does is weakened, if not destroyed, for what we are as a family is what we are as a church. For what is the church but a family of families, and a household of households.

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Implementing a Parenting Ministry

Based on the AVW (GKGW) program, this article gives you practical steps in organising and running any course from Growing Families.

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Volume 3 - Boldness

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Leading by Authority or Influence - Carla's story

..So I called my nine year old aside and asked, "Whitney, why are you so willing to share all of a sudden?" And this is what she told me. "Mum, this is how I always felt, but you never let me do it without telling me I had to. I wanted to show you how I feel, but you never let me do it without making me..." In the past, when I tried to control all outcomes, I was actually robing my kids of the joy of doing right. I can see that now.

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Implementing a Parenting Ministry

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Volume 2 - Gratefulness

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A letter to Pastors

A letter directed to Pastors (and other church leaders) explaining the On Becoming Childwise program for churches.

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Parental Affection and Character Development

By Gary Ezzo. There is a relationship between parental affection and character development in children. This is why parents cannot separate the various forms of love from the moral construction of their children. Christ's love is moral in its outworking, and the love we show to our children should be the same. Parents should love their children with a great sense of moral purposefulness.

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Volume 1 - Wisdom

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A letter to Pastors

A letter directed to Pastors (and other church leaders) explaining the On Becoming Childwise program for churches.

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Today's Child, Tomorrow's Man

By Gary Ezzo. The biblical exhortation that sin is passed from parents to child, serves to exhort and stir up passions about the spiritual welfare of our children. Yet many parents, in light of this belief, stand back and count on grace to bring about change. They cry, "Grace, grace, give me more grace." We so seldom hear today, "Righteousness, righteousness, help me make them more righteous."

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