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Registration is required if you want to be able to view member resources, join a parenting class or you want to be listed as a facilitator and manage class lists.

Registered members do not need to enter their details in the shopping cart each time, and in the future more info such as purchasing history may be made available.

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You can enter a preferred username if it is available.  If you leave the username field blank an auto username will be created.

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It is a condition of registration that we have your permission to use the email address in your profile as a way of sending out general admin and  notification emails.

These general notifications are separate from any email newsletters you decide to subscribe to in your member profile page.

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Registering with Growing Families Australia

Registering with Growing families Australia is free and provides access to some features on this site that are not available otherwise.  By registering you agree to allow us to store your details for the purpose of your registration, please see our privacy policy and policies pages.

You can change any of the details you enter here in your member profile once your registration has been confirmed. Just click on the 'my profile' link once you are logged in.


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