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"Parenting from the Tree of Life Part 1 - Life, Children & Relationships workbook"

Parenting from the Tree of Life reflects the belief that God originally intended man to only know the goodness of His life, and interact with a culture of virtue consistent with His personhood. Although modern society is filled with corruption, judgment, discouragement and death, Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo provides parents a way of escape, by showing them how to speak and elevate life to their children. This immensely practical approach to parenting, ties the heart of God to the rhythms of life that flow through the home environment.
The workbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the DVD set.

Part One of the Parenting from the Tree of Life is a six part series which covers topics such as:
* A Two-World Perspective
* Marriage and the Secure Child
* Understanding your Child's Love DNA
* Creating Treasures of the Heart
* The Power of Life and Death, Part one and two

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