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"On Becoming Pre-Toddlerwise"

The period between twelve and eighteen months places a child on a one-way bridge. Infancy is a thing of the past and toddlerhood is straight ahead. A baby still? Not really, but neither is he a toddler and that is the key to understanding this phase of growth. Take a couple of photos because the child leaving infancy will not resemble the child entering toddlerhood six months down the road. This is a time of metamorphosis when his potential for learning seems limitless, his budding curiosity unquenchable and his energy level never seems to diminish.

Whether you're ready or not your pretoddler's natural inclination and challenge of "I do myself" will become increasingly apparent. Try taking something away and a scream of protest is likely. Remove your him from a dangerous object and his curiosity lures him right back. A favourite food suddenly becomes no-so-favourite and in a few months "No!" becomes the default word whether the child understands the question or not. How will you meet the unfolding growth challenges in the weeks and months ahead? From America's best selling authors, On Becoming Pre-Toddlerwise give trustworthy advice you can count on.

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Did you know that a course is available for this age? Under Quick Links click on Course Material and select "Preparation for the Toddler Years" for more information. To register your interest click on Parenting Classes, or feel free to ring the office for more information.
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