National Conference 2016
National Conference 2016
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Conference Downloads

Downloads for the Journey

Spotto was a car travel game which used to be available from BP service stations around Australia when travelling in the car was an important part of the family journey.  Relive this age old classic game as you travel to Broken Hill for the 2016 conference.  There's 2 versions here as pdf documents, so double the fun:


Click to download: Spotto   The traditional game with traditional items
Click to download: Feral Spotto   A ferral twist with unique items to find

How to play:  Each player has a Spotto sheet.  When a player spots an item on the sheet they call out "Spotto..." and the name of the item, eg. "Spotto Windmill".  That item is then crossed off on the players sheet.  Each item can only be spotted by one person and its the first person to spot the item gets to mark it off.  The winner is the first person to completely mark off all the items on their sheet.  Print out a few copies and play it more than once.

Driving from Adelaide to Broken Hill

Click here to download a suggested playlist for your journey.

For driving tips and suggestions on where to stop on your journey click here.

For suggested cafes and restaurants in Broken Hill click here

NC16 Conference Folder

For a sneak peek at the conference folder or to download for yourself if you don't want us to provide a hard copy please click here

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