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Ministry Donations

Have you been encouraged and blessed using the Growing Families materials ?

Would you like to give to the on-going Growing Families ministry?

We accept donations for directed ministries or for general ministries.

Either one-off donations or regular donations. These can be direct deposit or credit card transactions.

Support for Missionaries - Greg and Linda Wilson

Greg and Linda officially came on board as GFA Missionaries at the start of 2015, although they have been utilising GFA materials for many years.  They are working with the Aboriginal people in the West Kimberley in WA.

Support for Families Gods Way in the Kimberley

FGWK seeks to train, support, minister to and encourage families in the Kimberley through discipleship, relationships and parenting groups.

GFA Ministry Support
This will be used to further the ministry of GFA within Australia through training, conferences etc

For any more information please email us, see the contact us page.

We also accept Credit Card payments. Please call the office to pay or email us for more information.

Please Note : Any donation to ANY of the above IS NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.


Making a Donation

To make a donation:
You can either make a direct deposit or you can use the online shopping cart of this website to make a payment via credit card. 

For making a credit card payment, enter the amount you wish to donate in whole dollars (no cents) in the relevant donation field below, then click the Add to Cart button to add it to the shopping cart as a purchase item. You can then procede through the store to make your payment or you can add other items to the order before finalising your payment.

If you want to vary the amount that you entered you can do that by changing the Quantity field in the cart. Please disregard any GST that may be listed for the donation amount as GST is not applicable to donations.  Remember any donations you make are NOT tax deductible.



Donations to GFA General Ministry

Donations to Australian National Directors

Donations to Zimbabwe

Donations to Roving Ambassadors

Donation to Greg and Linda Wilson

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