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Testimonials and other encouraging stories.

Preparation for Parenting

"Thanks so much for all your help! We have a 6 month old baby boy and we wouldn't have survived without Preparation For Parenting. I've been recommending it to all our friends who are soon to be parents."

Parents from Victoria


"I am a foster carer (in Sydney) and I have used 'Baby Wise' for many babies now - I am a real devotee! - one who gets to sleep at night!

Reflections on Moral Innocence

I successfully did the "flower" talk with Erin last week and it went amazingly well. I read the Miracle of Life with her then we then went thru the garden examining various flowers and looking for the parts we discussed!! It was really lovely :-)
since then she has pointed out many flowers as per the book and we told JD a very brief version too, then he told Daddy about it - gorgeous!!
Anyone who hasnt done Reflections of Moral Innonence course, I would highly recommend it :-)

From a mum who has recently completed the Reflection of Moral Innocence course.

Growing Kids Gods Way

GKGW has changed our family life forever! We now have a direction in which to lead our family.  God has been able to use this program/resource to bless our family.

Kristy - WA

In God's amazing plan, GKGW was an integral part of my salvation.  Not only has it changed my life, but the life of my wife, family and in serving Him through the GKGW ministry the lives of others.   Praise God for Godly men and women like Mr and Mrs Ezzo.  Thank you guys, you'll have a big crown waiting for you at the pearly gates!!

Troy - WA

GKGW has brought order to our family.  Principles based on the Bible are awesome and the practical tips have made a huge difference to our family.  Thank you to Joan and Bill for bringing this to Australia and thank you to Gary and Anne Marie.

Andrew - WA

Growing Families Australia has impacted our family in the following ways:

  • sound biblical understanding of the childs place in the family
  • helps us to focus on character qualities to instill in our children
  • helps us to grow in godliness and helps us to grow our children in godliness
  • total dependence on God
  • building a marriage relationship as the foundation of the family

Joe and Libby

Although we were initially reluctant to do our first GKGW course, we found that GKGW changed our lives.  Most noticeably, it gave us a very powerful tool with which to parent from the same point of view.  We found that we had very different approaches, so we had made many mistakes but with the insights gained from GFA materials, our children are growing into beautfiul young people.  It has also given us a plan for our parenting which has been the greatest blessing.  We don't know where we might have been without GFA.

Rob and Dawn - NSW

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