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State Leaders


Andy and Robyn Hamdorf are the GFA Administration Managers and live in Happy Valley, South Australia. They were present in 1996 when Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo held their first meeting in Adelaide at the invitation of Les Crawford. They have raised their children, Annika, Corinne, and Ethan, using the firm biblical principles that GFI programs support. They have been abundantly blessed by the Ezzo's ministry and now believe it a privilege to give back to the ministry for all that they have received. Andy and Robyn have renovated their house to accommodate the GFA National Office administration and distribution centre.

Latest State News

Latest State News

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events for South Australia






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GEMS - Godly Encouragements for Mums


Meeting fortnightly on Tuesday nights

Contact Belinda Allen-Horskins on

mobile: 0414 334 588
for times and locations


 Meeting fortnightly on Wednesdays

Contact Michelle Yip on

mobile: 0438 809 826

email -macyip[at]
for times and locations
Meeting fortnightly on Fridays
Contact Cathy Fischle on
mobile: 08 8339 3455
email: scrtfischle[at]
for times and locations


SHED nights

Shed nights provide "Some Holy Encouragement for Dads" and run in a couple of locations in Adelaide.

These are nights where there is the opportunity to hang out with other Dads and also to discuss issues which effect you as Dads.

For information on the next SHED night in your area please contact:

Northern Suburbs: Trevor Horskins horskins[at] 8289 9024

Southern Suburbs:  Chris Yip  macyip[at] 0419 866 648

Youth Stuff

Youth Stuff



See the main Youth Page


Parenting Course Classes

Growing Families parenting classes are run by experienced facilitators all throughout the year.

Click here to see what course classes are available in this state.

Contact Mums

Contact mums for South Australia

The Contact Mums Ministry is a volunteer network of Christian mums available to encourage and support families who desire to implement the principles set forth in the Growing Families International parenting curricula from Preparation for Parenting through the Reaching the Heart of Your Teens, as well as the On Becoming series of books. A Contact Mum understands and experiences the same challenges that come from the responsibility of being a mum and the consistency that biblical training of our children requires.

We have Contact Mums in the following areas and specialised experiences:

Adelaide      -   Robyn       -  sa_leaders[at]            -  Heritage up to age 2

Adelaide      -   Michelle    -  michelleyip7[at]         -  Heritage up to age 5

To be put in touch with a Contact Mum for other enquiries, please email contact_mums[at]



Contact Us


If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Growing Families Ministry in South Australia then please contact us via to following email address.



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