Northern Territory
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Northern Territory

Welcome to the state page for Northern Territory.


Top End Reps

Peter and Belinda Letchford live in Kununurra - and though that is in Western Australia - there is a attitude of the North being an identity of its own - the Top End!  And with that in mind we would like to support and encourage families; families who are often isolated either by location or just simply a long way from family.

State Leaders

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


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Latest State News

Latest State News

GEMS - Godly Encouragements for Mums

GEMS - Godly Encouragements for Mums - Darwin

Gems is a forum for mums to meet together for sharing, encouragement and teaching based on principles in the Growing Families resources.

There are currently two GEMS groups in Darwin.


Tuesday Evening, 7.00pm, once a month

MLA Gerry Woods' room, Howard Springs Shops

All mums welcome

Info:  Janie Miles 0402 233 670



Friday Morning, 9.45 for a 10am start, once a month

Children welcome

Info: Kate Woods 0410 270 708




If you are crossing the border and would like to meet up with like-hearted Mums in Kununurra 

Kununurra Mums Meeting - held every 1st Tuesday of the month at my place
Phone Belinda 91691572 for details
All welcome

Parenting Course Classes

Growing Families parenting classes are run by experienced facilitators all throughout the year.

Click here to see what course classes are available in this state.


Contact Mums

Contact Mums for the NT

The Contact Mums Ministry is a volunteer network of Christian mums available to encourage and support families who desire to implement the principles set forth in the Growing Families International parenting curricula from Preparation for Parenting through the Reaching the Heart of Your Teens, as well as the On Becoming series of books. A Contact Mum understands and experiences the same challenges that come from the responsibility of being a mum and the consistency that biblical training of our children requires.

We have Contact Mums in the following areas and specialised experiences:

Kununurra  -  Belinda   -  top_end_leaders[at]   -   Harvest all ages up to 18+ and indigenous families and sick or disabled children

Darwin  - Janie  - Ph: 0402 233 670 - Harvest all ages up to 18 +

To be put in touch with a Contact Mum for other enquiries, please email contact_mums[at]

Youth Stuff

Youth Stuff


Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Growing Families Ministry in the Northern Territory then please contact us via to following email address.






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