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"Terrific Toddlers II - Building Happy, Healthy Hearts"

In Terrific Toddlers Two Mel Hayde builds on the opportunities for training self-control which she introduced in her first book - ideas which inspired countless mothers to manage their families in a positive way, maximising harmony.

She shares many practical tips on teaching kindness, helpfulness, cheerfulness, obedience; reinforcing the idea that as parents we have the enormous privilege of training our children's hearts.

She maintains the balance between theory and practice without becoming prescriptive, encouraging parents to examine the model they are presenting and to have a plan for what they wish to teach. Using everyday activities as training opportunities to instil positive virtues lends meaning to the cyclical nature of most women's lives. This is immensely encouraging and will enable mothers to train their toddlers to not just be good, but to be the best that they can be.

Be inspired to relish your role and enjoy your children!


1.Flexible Routine
2.Parental Model
3.Daily Life
9.Sibling Friendships
13.Dad To Dad (by Kris Hayde)

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