National Conference 2016
National Conference 2016
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2016 GFA National Conference



GFA Teen Camp dates dates: 30th September to 4th October 2016

GFA National Conference dates: 4th October to 7th October 2016

Well, it’s more like a great big fun family camp – but with some conferency things thrown into the mix.

As GFA parents seeking to raise dynamic faith based families for generations to come (who can face personal and national tragedy and even ISIS, and be on fire for Jesus)  NC16 is another step on the journey.

We are fortunate to have some wonderful people within our GFA community who make themselves available and are willing to share their parenting journey with other GFA parents from around Australia.

And, of course, Gary & Anne-Marie Ezzo are also coming to share with us.

There will be a range of sessions available on Growing Families topics; from toddlers to teens, from obedience training to cyber parenting - with large sessions for the whole family through to small elective sessions.

The topics for #NC16 will be provided in more detail in due course but - to give you but a sample – here’s a list of a few of the things we covered at #NC14 in April 2014 (as part of the main sessions and the electives)

•    Parenting with Purpose
•    Marriage: His glory, our joy
•    Five common practises that parents forget or never knew
•    The power of a common vision – passing the faith along
•    Beyond basic civility
•    Male and Female: ‘Fleshing it out’
•    Cyberparenting
•    Purposeful parenting
•    Toys, tantrums and tears
•    Building your Children’s Moral warehouse by intentionally teaching character
•    How Parents shape their children’s brains
•    Marriage: Divine, mundane or both
•    Calm babies and confident mums
•    Leading classes with purpose
•    Parenting with purpose in the Middle Years
•    Don’t chance it, be intentional
•    Showing your children what God looks like
•    The 4th phase of parenting
•    God’s heart for families through prayer
•    The ministry of modesty
•    Positively impact the Smith’s and Jones’s
•    One family, two faiths

An outstanding children’s program & crèche will be provided while the session activity is on.

We will also leave plenty of family time in the afternoon to enjoy as well for the GFA community to spend time together (to hang out!).

Closing the Gap for young adults
Not a kid, or teen but not a parent either?  With this conference we close the gap.

For the first time we will be offering elective sessions specifically for young adults who are still part of the family journey. Sessions will provide a focus of topics that are more relevant to this specific age group.

The NC16 organising team would like to make the 2016 Broken Hill Conference an entire family experience. So plan to be there and maybe catch up with good friends again. It doesn't have to end just because you're older and in that "in between" stage of life.


For more details visit the other conference pages.

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Conference Theme

Early on in our parenting journey we tend to, by necessity, focus on the day to day and find it difficult to see the bigger picture or the end goal.

The help that the Growing Families (GFA) program offers families is to help them find time to reflect on preparing the hearts of their children from an early age and intentionally investing into their obedience and faith journey.

Teaching our children the things of God – filling our children’s (and our own) moral warehouse with biblical truths’ and moral standards is the foundation to GFA parenting principles. 

Growing the next generation for the Lord is a key long term parenting goal – we need to keep this in mind when we are laying the foundations while in the trenches of every day parenting.

Within the GFA community you know the foundation of every family is built with consistent, intentional and Christian parenting.

Every family is on a journey together. And every family’s journey is different.

Share the Journey.  And let's tackle the journey together.

During the conference, share your journey with families from around Australia.  Build your family networks.  Be inspired.  Be encouraged.  And be intentional about inspiring and encouraging others in their journey.


Conference registration is open.  Please go to our Registration page.

Please Note: At this stage, a separate login is required for registration, you cannot use your general GFA website login if you have one.



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