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Toddler to Teen book

We are excited that Mel Hayde's new book Toddler to Teen is now available.

Building on the success of the 20 000 sales of the Terrific Toddlers books, this new book has updated and expanded the original books and added key sections in each chapter for parenting the school years (ages 5 to 12) and the teen years (ages 13+).

Each short and easy-to-read chapter highlights practical activities you can include in a day that will promote the foundational skill of self-control. Once this is established, virtues such as kindness, cheerfulness, helpfulness, patience, obedience and sibling friendships can be established in the heart of your child.

The book will help you equip your child for adulthood, encourage them to make right choices for the right reasons, and give you confidence and direction in your parenting so you can enjoy your toddler, school age child, and yes, even yuor teen.

The book features a Dad-to-Dad section, a chapter of information on Cyber-parenting, 50 real questions from real parents with specific answers, and both parent and teen testimonies throughout.

Please click here to order.


Life in the Middle Years updated!

We are excited to announce that the new updated Middle Years DVDs and workbooks are now available.  "Life in the Middle Years" replaces Parenting the Middle Years and provides clear parenting strategies to meet the changing needs of the eight to twelve-year-old living in the Digital Age with informational technologies. 

The DVDs are on special until the end of June for $60 (after this time they will be $90)

The workbooks are $15

Please click here to order

I have a limited number of the Parenting the Middle Years to clear for:

DVDs $30 (below cost)

Workbooks $5 (below cost)

CDs $15 (below cost)

If you are interested in any of the clearance items please contact me at the office directly - or 0417 084 561

GFA Office Telephone Number

Hello everyone

We are sorry to say that our change to the NBN has not been without it's challenges.

Our main problem is our office telephone number has been changed on us and we are trying to have this fixed.

In the interim our office phone number is 08 7078 4795

Also our Fax is not working. Please call or email us.

Parenting from the Tree of Life

We now have available a combined workbook for all 3 parts of Parenting from the Tree of Life which can be found here.  The combined workbooks are $30 each.

All 3 DVDs purchased together are $200 or $80 each.

The full leaders guide is now available for $20 and can be purchased here

Also available for facilitators are two documents comparing what is covered in Parenting from the Tree of Life with Growing Kids Gods Way.  They can be accessed here under Resources.

A brochure which covers all 3 parts of Parenting from the Tree of Life can be downloaded under Resources.

Below is a summary of what is covered in the course:

Part One: Life, Children and Relationships (6 Sessions on DVD) speaks to the relational components associated with healthy parenting. Because children tend to reflect the priorities and values of their home life, what is important to Mom and Dad will become important to their children, and will influence what each child becomes in the future.

Part Two: Life, Children and Character Development (6 Sessions on DVD) covers critical components of character training and explains the guiding principles for raising children who are kind, courteous, respectful, cooperative, confident, and certainly well mannered. No child arrives at this level of moral distinctiveness if the home life from which he or she comes is not already conversant with such virtue. Part two is as much for parents as it is for children.

Part Three: Life, Children, Encouragment and Correction (5 Sessions on DVD) takes up the challenges associated with the correction side of training. Corrective is not all about fixing undesirable or wayward behavior—parents must also pay attention to the preventative components of training that reduce the amount of correction needed in the first place. Proactively encouraging behaviors that help children stay on track and knowing how to properly correct children to put them back on track is the focus of Part Three. 

Growing Families Australia Missions

As many of you will be aware over the last few years Bill and Joan Grosser have been ministering in the Kimberley region in WA and developing parenting material based on the GFI material, especially for the Aboriginal population.  They have been working alongside a small group of locals, including Greg and Linda Wilson.

Greg and Linda have been involved with Growing Families for some time and have been missionaries in a couple of different roles over a number of years, most recently with Kingdom Aviation in Derby.

We are thrilled that Greg and Linda are the first full time missionaries for Growing Families Australia.  To enable this to happen we have established a new "branch", Growing Families Australia Missions which will administer their support.

Please click here to read their newsletter which gives more detail on what they will be doing.

If you would like to support Greg and Linda please download their newsletter and supporters form and send the details in to us.

If you would like to donate a one off amount to help with the start up and establishment of Growing Families Australia Missions please contact me at the office.

We are so excited by the doors which God has opened and are waiting in anticipation to see what He has in store for the Kimberley region and the way in which families will be changed by Him and for Him.


Facilitators Guides

Whether you are an experienced leader or someone who is interested in leading a class for the first time we have many resources to help you out.  There are facilitators guides available for each course including a brand new guide for parts 1 and 2 of Parenting from the Tree of Life.  Also available are resource discs with extra posters and flyers and handy hints on how to lead a class.  On our Resources tab you will also find lots of other items to download.  If you are registered as a facilitator you have access to our full range of resources.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Facilitator Guides please go to the Products Tab and select the course you are interested in.

If you are brand new to facilitating and would like to learn from more experienced leaders and receive some leadership training please contact your State Team Leaders.

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