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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important parts of the Preparation for Parenting to apply during the first couple of weeks?

  • Full Feeds - Keeping baby awake for a full feed is very important for lactation.
  • Healthy Baby Growth Charts - Use them to be sure your baby is getting enough milk.
  • Night -vs- Day - Wake them on routine during day, let them sleep a little longer at night.
  • Stabilization - Feeding routine comes before sleeping routine.
  • Routine - 2~-3 hours from start of a feed to start of the next feed, during the first 4 weeks.
  • Feed-Wake-Sleep - Aim for a short 5 minute waketime during the second week.
  • Avoid Stress - Take clocks & turn them to the wall, work at getting full feedings first.
  • Hunger - If baby is hungry, feed him, but try to find out why he is hungry early.
  • Enjoy your baby - Don't worry too much about getting everything right, it can be fixed later!

I am a new dad, what can I do to help?

  • Listen to your wife, provide support & encouragement. 
  • She can apply the principles at her own pace. 
  • Bring a glass of water at each feed.
  • Encourage mother to rest (2 naps a day initially, or at least lie down).
  • Work out ways to reduce mother's stress.
  • Organise relatives to help, or so that they don't get in the way at the wrong times.
  • Identify post-natal depression - often not easily diagnosed by mum herself
  • Settle baby between feeds (often works well because you don’t smell of milk).


What is Facets?

Facets is a magazine that includes encouraging stories and practical parenting support that will help remind parents of key principles shared in the biblical parenting curricula provided through Growing Families Australia. The Facets magazine is compiled by mums and dads, just like you, experiencing the ups and downs of parenting as they attempt to raise morally mature children and yet remain committed to their goal to be 'intentional' in the process and journey of parenting.

It is our goal to publish Facets 3 times a year (March/July/November) with back issues always available as the content is timeless. This is a very different magazine than those on the news stands with all the latest gossip from the movie or music industry that add no true value to your family life... the content of Facets is based on God's principles which can only add a depth of richness to your home. As an easy to read magazine it lends itself to enjoying an article over a cuppa and then move on with your day. We are sure the latest issue of Facets will bring great encouragement to your life.

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