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Facets is a magazine that includes encouraging stories and practical parenting support that will help remind parents of key principles shared in the biblical parenting curricula provided through Growing Families Australia. The Facets magazine is compiled by mums and dads, just like you, experiencing the ups and downs of parenting as they attempt to raise morally mature children and yet remain committed to their goal to be 'intentional' in the process and journey of parenting.

It is our goal to publish Facets 3 times a year (March/July/November) with back issues always available as the content is timeless. This is a very different magazine than those on the news stands with all the latest gossip from the movie or music industry that add no true value to your family life... the content of Facets is based on God's principles which can only add a depth of richness to your home. As an easy to read magazine it lends itself to enjoying an article over a cuppa and then move on with your day. We are sure the latest issue of Facets will bring great encouragement to your life.

If you would like to contribute articles that you may have presented at GEMS groups etc, book reviews, favourite verse, handy home managment tip, poem or anything else that we may conisder using please email Belinda facets[at]gfi.org.au

Facets 26 Downloads

Please click on the links to download the resources as shown in Facets 26

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Please click on the links to download the resources as shown in Facets 25

Facets 24 Downloads

Please click on the links below to download the resources from Facets 24

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