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In times of non-conflict work on communication - probably one of the most under parented areas.

Be Clear
Be specific and direct about what you want to communicate.
Be Concise
If you take too long to get to your point, you will lose the other person’s attention.
Be Considerate
Treat your listener with courtesy and respect.
Be Consistent
Make sure your nonverbal message is consistent with your
verbal message. Also, make sure your lifestyle is consistent with what you say.
Be Comfortable
If you are nervous or uptight, you will make others feel the same way.
Be Credible
Make sure your facts are correct, and be careful about exaggeration.


Dr Steve Stephens – from "LISTS to live by"

Mom's Notes

Mom's Notes

The presentations have been titled, "Mom's Notes" as they were taped for the most part while Carla Link was sharing with Mom's groups across America. Joey joins Carla on several of the presentations. Dads will find the presentations as beneficial as their wives, and we encourage you to go through them together.

In the Mom’s Notes presentations, you will find ways to put biblical principles into practice as you train your kids to become children of God.

The Links have recently opened a new website Parenting Made Practical which has a large variety of information and resources.  One of the new items they have is the Moms Notes available as a MP3 download.  Have a look at their website for downloads which may be helpful for you.

The Mom's Notes are available from the GFA bookstore in CD format or as notes.  We currently are offering a SPECIAL on the CDs of $55 (a saving of $15) and the notes for $35 (a saving of $10)

A set of CDs and notes is available for $70 (a saving of $20)

These items will be on special until the end of July.

Car Time Discussions

Car time discussions for after church may help you... as you 'walk' along the road...

Try asking each family member in the car on the way home from church (including you as parents)...



* How was your attitude as you went to worship?

* How is your attitude now as a result of going to worship?

* What was your favourite part of the service?

* What was the message God spoke to you through your worship?

* How can you apply that message to your everyday life?

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